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IPE Core Competencies Video Launch

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The Interprofessional Education team at The University of Texas is proud to announce the launch of the much anticipated "IPE Core Competencies" videos. The series, which includes four videos, offers in-depth examination of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative’s (IPEC) “Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.” The four videos focus on a health care team working through family concerns as the patient transitions to palliative care, using this clinical scenario to illustrate the IPEC competencies. The videos, hosted by The University of Texas College of Pharmacy’s Continuing Pharmacy Education online CEU site, can be accessed here. Viewers can watch each of the four competency videos, complete a short 4 question quiz after each video, and then earn a certificate of completion. Continuing education for nursing will soon be available for these videos. Special thanks to the program funders, the United States Department of Health and Human Services Advanced Nursing Education Grant Program, and the project sponsors, Seton Family Healthcare and Ascension Medical and Health Resources and Services Administration. 

Highlights from Dr. Alan Dow's IPE Presentation
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